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Alternate | Progressive | Democratic 


Edopia works on an authority-sharing model. The Head of School shares their authority with teachers and students alike. They set the parameters of rights and responsibilities for all members. Within these parameters, we respect the voice and choice of everyone. The voice of all members is heard in democratic assemblies, where each member, irrespective of age, has one vote.


We believe that learning cannot be standardized. Choice is embeded in all learning that happens at Edopia. Children have a right to negotiate their study plans if their needs are not being met. We value children for who they are. There is no pressure to conform as long as individuals are engaged in learning and are respecting all people and opportunities in the community.


Edopia is a center of learning for all ages. The coaches support all teachers in their endeavors. The teachers mentor all the students. Teachers hold small group and one-on-one sessions with the children alongside formal classes. Formative feedback guides goal-setting and progress. Teachers help children to reflect on their choices & make informed decisions through periodic meetings.

Our Projects

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The Common Room

A K-11 democratic school

A modular online learning platform

A co-working space for families





Inside Edopia: Meet The School Using Alternative Teaching Methods To Prepare Students For Success.


This is the first edition of the Inside Edopia series, focusing on an alternative learning school located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Edopia school in Islamabad, Pakistan was founded on July 5, 2014, and takes a unique approach to education and could provide a framework for solving the issues facing public education in the United States and numerous other countries around the world.

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Myths and Realities About Edopia.
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Myths and Realities About Edopia.

Democratic Assembly Edopia
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Democratic Assembly Edopia

Coaching at Edopia
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Coaching at Edopia

Free Inquiry at Edopia
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Free Inquiry at Edopia

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