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The school on the hill

Edopia is a community. It is not a preparation for the real world. It is the real world. A place where laughter, choice, passion, conflict, and failure are real. This community takes a futuristic, holistic, and child-driven approach to learning.

Edopia was established in 2014, as the first alternate, progressive, and democratic learning space in Pakistan. It is the brainchild of Jaweria Sethi, a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education. While still in her undergraduate years, she noticed the need for a venture that would empower children to become independent learners.

Despite going to one of the best schools in the city and doing well academically all her life, she felt unfulfilled. She felt that the years she spent in school could have been better organized. The traditional systems of education and schooling do not encourage thinking and self-reflection. They are archaic and inadequate. She felt that schools did not have the institutional fabric to cater to the social, emotional, and personal needs of a child, alongside the academic ones. She envisioned a place where a child’s pursuit of happiness and purpose begins. A place that does not produce ‘better adults’, but rather places value on childhood. Where every child is viewed as an empowered entity. A space that would facilitate children to take better decisions in life. Hence, she came up with Edopia.

Edopia is not a school. It is a community of learners and burgeoning ideas. A space where learning is not confined by the parameters of space, age, and discipline.

Since its commencement, Edopia has been training its leadership team in courses designed by Harvard's Project Zero and the Reggio Emillia Approach  The team also works in close consultation with alternative learning organizations from the UK and Spain. It is the home to more than a hundred and twenty families, providing its community members with a diverse learning experience in the heart of Islamabad.

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