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Brace Yourself
For Rethinking Education

People leading change.

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It starts with respect for children. A belief that children are innately curious, sociable and competent. Just like adults, they have needs, desires and a full range of emotions.

A learning system should play to their strengths rather than just trying to fix them.

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Our Projects

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1:8 teacher to student ratio

Your child is supported, Always!

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Learning from Harvard University

Our theoretical foundations and practices are informed by the best in the field.

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Keeping up with

the times

We understand that children have to be ready for an unknown future.

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Social Emotional Learning

Learning to be with ourselves and others is taught through experiences.

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Putting life skills at the core

Our learning design prioritizes skills over content.

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A democratic school

Rules are up for debate at Edopia. 

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Giving choices to children

Children make important decisions about their learning.

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A learning community

Parents learn too! Regular workshops & support groups for parents.

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Shahrukh Bangash, Parent

Family is a word mostly used to over exaggerate a fairly transactional relationship, but Edopian Family is a true manifestation of this sacred word.

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Samreen Fawaz, Educator

Edopia gives us the opportunity to explore our own potential. Pretty soon you realize that you are learning just as much from the students as they are from you.

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Samreen Arshad, Student

I didn't realize all that I was capable of till I met myself at Edopia. I grew in ways that I never thought were possible.

Our Projects: We create learning spaces that truly belong to children

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The Common Room

A democratic school

A modular online learning platform

A co-working space for families





Inside Edopia: Meet The School Using Alternative Teaching Methods To Prepare Students For Success.


This is the first edition of the Inside Edopia series, focusing on an alternative learning school located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Edopia school in Islamabad, Pakistan was founded on July 5, 2014, and takes a unique approach to education and could provide a framework for solving the issues facing public education in the United States and numerous other countries around the world.

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Myths and Realities About Edopia.
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Myths and Realities About Edopia.

Democratic Assembly Edopia
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Democratic Assembly Edopia

Coaching at Edopia
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Coaching at Edopia

Free Inquiry at Edopia
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Free Inquiry at Edopia

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