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Making children lifelong learners: Empowering parents to discover learning possibilities

Lead trainer: Jaweria Sethi

Masters in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Founder Edopia, Edopia Online, and Project Portfolio

This course is for you if you:

  1. Feel frustrated by the school's inability to recognize your child's potential and interests.

  2. Are upset that the classroom pace doesn't match your child's learning style.

  3. Are concerned about outdated textbook-based learning that fails to keep up with the changing world.

  4. Are worried about the lack of emotional and social support your child receives in their learning environment.

  5. Wonder what your child needs to learn for the future and what is just 'fluff'.

  6. Find it challenging to grasp concepts like project-based learning and skill-based curricula.

  7. Struggle with limited time, resources, and energy to provide your child with meaningful learning experiences.

  8. Want to engage in your child's play and interests actively but don't know how.

  9. Wish your child to become a self-directed learner, confident in voicing opinions and making decisions.

  10. Argue with others about the limitations of traditional schools but aren't sure how to make a change.

Drawing upon our decade-long experience of challenging the education system, I have invaluable insights into what truly happens behind the four walls of a school. I will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to unlock your child's potential. 

Parenting is already hard enough, and the added pressure of supporting our child's academic needs can be overwhelming, especially when competing with other priorities like building a connection, playing with our children, earning a living, and taking care of ourselves.


By the end of the course, I hope you will feel lighter, validated, and more oriented towards learning priorities that truly matter during the developing years of your child's life.

The enrollment deadline has passed. If you enroll now, your application will be put on a wait-list.


Course details

Course Fee: 

PKR 100,000/participant


Eight weeks (2 months)

When and Where?

October-November 2023

Weekly 2.5-3 hour sessions. 

Sunday Evenings


Who should enrol?

1. Parents who have children enrolled in traditional schools but want to anchor their priorities in what truly matters.

2. Parents of infants and toddlers who want to prepare for their child's education journey.

3. Homeschooling families who wish to upgrade their homeschooling plans by incorporating new strategies and resources.

Module 0* 

Setting out intentions

  • It starts with you. Let's share more about ourselves and our reasons for embarking on this transformative journey.

  • We won't be able to do it alone. It's important to know who'd be in our support network.

Module 1**

Understanding Motivation and Fitrah

  • Identify the components of innate motivation that drive your child.

  • Recognize how you can focus your energy on learning that truly matters. 

Module 5**

Adaptive Learning and Expanding Resources

  • Learn about learning tools that adjust according to the learning needs of your children, alternative content libraries, and AI tools to fill your toolbox to support your child in a fast-changing world.

Module 4***

Understanding how critical thinking works. Supporting self-directed inquiries.

  • Help your child develop effective thinking routines (habits of mind) that improve their sensitivity towards using critical thinking across different scenarios in life.

  • Learn to personalize learning plans that empower your child to become self-directed learners. Understand how inquiry-based learning works.

Module 3*

Building Strong Emotional Connections and Social-Emotional Priorities

  • Our child's future health, relationships, and success depend on their mental well-being. Nurture a deep emotional connection with your child. Learn about the social-emotional curriculum that is important for these developing years.

Module 2*

Establishing Mental Boundaries and Overcoming Societal Pressures​

  • You need nerves of steel to swim against the tide. But it'd help to know that your values and methods are not a mere hunch. Learn about established alternate systems from around the world and explore options like homeschooling/co-op schooling or mindset shifts within traditional schooling.

  • Set healthy boundaries in learning and overcome societal and family pressures while strengthening your confidence in educational choices.

Module 6*

Navigating Higher Education and Non-Traditional Pathways

  • Explore options beyond traditional university pathways.

  • Equip them with the mindset for thriving outside the confines of traditional education.

  • Wrap-up and reflections

*Time spent per module


Course Payment and Installment Policies:

1. Participants who make the payment before July 28th have the option to pay the course fee in three equal installments of PKR 26,666 each.

2. Participants who make the payment before August 28th have the option to pay the course fee in two equal installments of PKR 40,000 each.

3. Participants who make the payment after August 28th are required to pay the full fee in one installment of PKR 100,000.

4. The last day for scholarship applications is August 15th. The last day for regular applications is September 20th.

4. The last day for all payments is September 25th.

5. Full and partial scholarships will be announced in the first week of September. The last day of payment for scholarship applicants is September 15th. If an applicant does not pay by the 15th, their slot will be given to another scholarship applicant on the waitlist.


Class and Attendance Policies:

1. In the event that an instructor is unable to offer a class, a makeup class will be arranged.

2. Participants who are unable to attend a class will be provided access to the recorded session.


Refund Policy:

1. The course fee is refundable until September 28th. Please note that due to limited slots, refunds are not provided after the course has started, as this spot could have been given to someone else.

2. Refunds will not be issued for requests made after the course has started or if a participant stops attending midway.

Course Access and Materials:

1. Once payment is made, participants will receive a login and password to access the course portal where all course content will be posted.

2. Participants will be added to the business WhatsApp list to receive broadcasts.

3. Course login access will expire one month after the course ends, so participants are encouraged to download any material they wish to refer to in the future.

4. All classes will be recorded.


Participant Expectations:

1. Participants are required to attend classes with their cameras on, except for short periods when they need to address personal needs.

2. Full participation in terms of completing assessments and assignments is expected.

3. Arranging child care during class time will enable you to fully participate in the class.

Course Inclusions:

1. Weekly Zoom live meetings for 8 weeks.

2. Lifetime access to all learning material.

3. Printable handouts and links.

4. Building a community with other like-minded parents.


For further inquiries, please contact

Get in Touch

+92-51-8432824 (WhatsApp) 

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