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Connecting to your roots

A shared language helps to develop a deep connection between parents and their children and a strong sense of identity. If you wish that your children connect to their roots by learning the language that you grew up speaking, join Pehchan.

Talk to our representative at 

+92 51 8432824 (Whatsapp Business), if you have any questions.

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1:1 Classes

Through this course, your child will receive 1:1 Urdu classes where they'd learn the basics of Urdu. Whether you want your child to converse in Urdu or

to learn to read and write in the language, we have you covered. We will reach your child where

they are and take it from there.

Conversation Classes

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If your child already knows basic Urdu and would now like to sharpen their skills further, in a non-judgmental space, they will really enjoy our low-stakes conversation classes. Our classes include story telling, short skits, news reading,  recording podcasts and other fun engagements.

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