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A CO-WORKING space FOR Families

When you don't have a village, you create one.

Welcome to Common Room!


We're a family-oriented co-working space where interaction, learning, and play take center stage. Here's what you can expect:


  • Put your trust in our community to support your children with homework and self-directed learning projects.

  • For parents, join us for casual or organized gatherings – from game nights to support circles, book clubs, open mic sessions, and various communal events. It's all about coming together and sharing in the community spirit.

Project Portfolio

Self-directed learning for children ages 8-16.

We help your child build a powerful personal profile.

Per Month - Rs. 15,000/-

Half Year - Rs. 72,000/-

Yearly - Rs. 96,000/-

Homework Help

Complete homework assigned by school so that the time at home is about being with each other.

Per Month - Rs. 15,000/-

Half Year - Rs. 72,000/-

Yearly - Rs. 96,000/-

Book a space

Host an event at our coworking space.

While we have events of our own, we offer our space for rent starting as low as Rs. 8,000/- per hour.



We aim to host workshops and events in collaboration with individuals engaged in interesting work within the community.

The Common Room is dedicated to providing your family with a safe and effective community that helps complement academic and personal growth. Contact us today at 0349-0536383 to learn more and take the first step towards supporting your family's growth and development at The Common Room.

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