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Here children take a charge of their learning.

Welcome to Common Room,

An after-school co-working space for children aged 8-16 years - a safe environment for children to learn together and interact with each other.


With the assistance of our trained coaches, your child will establish SMART goals that hold personal significance for them, break these goals down into manageable, bite-sized steps, and continuously progress.


They will receive guidance and support throughout their journey, enabling them to remain on track and successfully accomplish their goals, pertaining to self-directed projects or homework assistance.

Our learning design is based on the Motivation Theory.  
Children learn best when ABC+M are met.




When they have control over their goals. 



When they feel competent to achieve their goals. 



When they feel a connection with their educator and peers. 



When the goal of the learning is personally meaningful for them. 

Note: We are gathering interest for our offerings. The project is under incubation and will be launched as soon as we have enough sign-ups to sustain it.

Our offerings: 

Project Portfolio:

A self-directed learning module

1 self-directed project per month

Build a powerful personal profile

4 days a week

Support from coaches

Work in collaboration with peers

Homework Help:

4 days a week

Complete homework assigned by school

Get support from coaches

Spend quality time with family after school and office hours.


Project Portfolio / Homework Help - PKR 15,000 Per Month*

Project Portfolio / Homework Help - PKR 72,000 Per 6 Months

Project Portfolio / Homework Help - PKR 96,000 Per Year

* For the first 30 families, we will be charging:

PKR 10,000 per month

PKR 60,000 per 6 months

PKR 72,000 per year



  • Homework Help + 1 self-directed project (monthly) - PKR 18,000

  • Homework Help + 6 self-directed projects (6 months) - PKR 100,000

  • Homework Help + 12 self-directed projects (yearly) - PKR 180,000


Walk-in any time between 3-6 pm Mon-Thu


Who can benefit?

  • Parents who are looking for a safe and collaborative after-school environment for their children to complete their homework assigned by the school/work on self-directed passion projects.

  • Homeschoolers looking for a coworking space for their children. 

Get started:


  1. Fill out our signup form to express your interest and tell us more about your child and their interests.

  2. We'll schedule an admission appointment to assess your child's feasibility and compatibility with our program and to provide more clarity on our learning modules.

  3. Once your child is accepted, you can choose any of the bundles mentioned above.

  4. After making payments, according to the chosen bundle, your child can start the very next day.

  5. Ready to join us? Fill out the form given below.



The coaches will solely provide support to children for school-assigned homework. They will not introduce new topics or offer specialized remedial assistance for any subject. To be eligible for homework help, a child must be on par with their enrolled grade level.

The Common Room is dedicated to providing your child with a safe and effective learning environment that helps complement academic and personal growth. Contact us today at 0349-0536383 to learn more and take the first step towards supporting your child's growth and development at The Common Room.

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