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  • How does Edopia help preschool children adjust to this new experience of going to a school?
    At the start of every year, we dedicate the months of Aug-Sep to helping children settle in. We want children to build a positive association with the school. While some separation anxiety can be inevitable at the beginning, we don’t want them to be fearful. Parents initially accompany the children and bring them in for shorter hours. The number of hours increases gradually based on how the child is settling in. We encourage parents to remain on campus, and gradually wean off as the children build a bond with their teachers and peers. We have an amazing view. Bring in a book or your laptop. The coffee will be on us!
  • Does Edopia accommodate children with special needs?
    Edopia does not have an inclusion unit. However, we take some children with special needs, based on their needs and our capacity to support them.
  • How do I apply for a job at Edopia? Do teachers get waivers on tuition fee for their children?
    A teacher can apply for a job by following this link: It often helps to drop an introduction email with it at A teacher can get up to 1.5 children off based on their performance and tenure at the school.
  • What is the class size at Edopia?
    On average, we maintain a ratio of 1:8.
  • Is Edopia an IB school?
    No, Edopia is not an IB school.
  • Where are you located?
    Edopia is in Bani Gala (Preschool-O Levels) and I-8 (Preschool-Grade 4), Islamabad.
  • Will my child be able to adjust to a traditional school after this?
    Edopia was established to question the practices in traditional schools. “How will this help a child?” is a question that we have asked ourselves several times along our journey. We do not blatantly disregard traditional practices, as some carry immense wisdom too. Though, we have shed off a lot of practices that weren’t serving the needs of the children. Edopia offers a play-based learning experience (which differs greatly from activity-based learning. See introduction video for more details). Therefore, parents are discouraged from changing schools before Grade 3. Our children formally learn to read and write at age 5-7, whereas, in other more academic preschools, this process starts at 3. Parents wishing to enrol children at Edopia must understand that our preferences for early years education are very different from other schools in the city (while being aligned with international practices of early childhood education). At higher grades, children can often transition easily to other schools academically, depending on their own learning abilities However, it can be a struggle to adjust socially and emotionally as the children get accustomed to thinking critically, having their rights respected and their voices heard.
  • How will my child fit into the real world after attending Edopia?
    In response to this question, read this blog
  • Does Edopia have a uniform?
    Edopia does not have a uniform. Instead, we offer guidelines to children on what they may and may not wear on campus.
  • Do you offer transport?
    Yes, we offer transport to three pick and drop points in G-6 and F-11. Transport is charged separately.
  • Do you offer after-school care facilities?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer after-school care facilities.
  • Who is the founder of Edopia?
    Edopia was established by Jaweria Sethi. Jaweria has done her Master's in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She works with families to help them re-think about practices in parenting and education.
  • Are meals charged separately?
    Yes, meals are charged separately.
  • What age groups do you cater to?
    3-16 years. (We admit 2-year-olds at our preschool branch at I-8).
  • How can we learn more about the school?
    Our website: Our Facebook page: Our Insta handle: Our Youtube page: (The Edopian) Our blog:
  • What events are held at Edopia?
    At Edopia we do not hold any events that take the energy of the team away from facilitating the learning experience, towards putting up a show for an audience (unless it involves planned theatre-based activities). Our teachers do not engage in class decorations, prop creations and making children memorise lines for public performances. Our events are more community-oriented. The year is dotted with Life Skills & Community Engagement Weeks (grade 3 and above), field trips and project-related interventions. We invite parents as volunteers and participants to co-create these experiences.
  • How are teachers trained at the school?
    Most of the teachers at Edopia do not hold any prior teaching certifications. Some might have relevant teaching experience. We select teachers based on their life experiences, skills and the desire to learn. Teachers receive extensive training during the summer months. After that, teachers receive ongoing monthly feedback from coaches to acknowledge their contributions and to mutually identify areas of growth.
  • When was Edopia established?
    Edopia was established in 2014.
  • What is the fee structure at Edopia?
    One-off charges: Admission fee PKR 100,000 Recurring annual charges: PKR 40,000, charged in August every year. Tuition fee: PKR 45,000-50,000/month, depending on the grade level at the time of enrollment.
  • Is Edopia an international franchise? What system do you follow?
    Edopia is not an international franchise. We do not follow any pre-designed system (American, British, Italian etc). Instead, we derive inspiration from the Reggio Emilia Approach and the research at Project Zero at Harvard University. We learning program has been developed iteratively across the years. From Grades 9-11, our students appear for O levels.
  • What are the school timings?
    Preschool: 8am-1pm The rest of the school: 8 am-2:15 pm Optional After-School classes (grade 1 and above): 2:15-3:45pm (Banigala Campus) (for exact timings, please review the Parent Handbook post-admission).
  • Are after-school classes for Elementary and Middle Years charged separately?
    Yes, some after-school classes are charged separately. Prices range from PKR1500-2500/month.
  • Is this a tutoring platform?
    No, it is not a tutoring platform. All of our team members are handpicked. Our coaches work closely with all educators to design the learning experience. We regularly take feedback from parents, students and teachers to improve the quality of all programs.
  • How do parents receive support after we sign up for classes?
    Parents may contact our coordinator via the given WhatsApp number (+92518432824). Our coordinator is available to provide ongoing internal support to parents who have completed the enrolment process.
  • How can I join Edopia Online as a teacher?
    You can join Edopia Online's team by filling this form. We will contact you if there is a vacancy.
  • What is Edopia?
    Edopia is a democratic school in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established in 2014. You can learn more about it here.
  • What age groups do you work with?
    7-13 year olds.
  • Is Edopia Online for my child?
    Edopia Online is designed for schoolers, homeschoolers and unschoolers. Because it is so flexible, you can use our offerings as per your needs. You can pick and choose every month's offerings to design your own experience.
  • How can I learn more about the timetable of the classes?
    You can view each month’s schedule via the course catalogue available on the website: For Pehchan class timings, please contact our Coordinator at +92 51 8432824 via WhatsApp.
  • What is the last date for a new student to join Edopia Online?
    If we receive your enrolment form after the 26th of a given month, your enrolment will automatically be shifted to the upcoming month. All courses will begin on the 1st of the new month.
  • Is this a school?
    No, Edopia Online is not a school. Our learning rooms may look like a class, a workshop or a lecture, but it’s not a school. At Village Square, you can pick and choose what you want to learn, while our Pehchan program provides an individualized learning platform for the Urdu language.
  • How can I learn more about the policies at Edopia Online?
    Please view all of our policies here. Please make sure you go through our policies before signing up for the courses.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    The prices for all of our offerings are fixed. However, do share your circumstances and your reasons for joining Edopia Online. We might be able to meet you halfway.
  • Can I take a break and return to Edopia Online?
    Absolutely! Edopia Online has low barriers to entry and exit. If you have to take off for a month or two, you can always join back without any loss of learning as every month brings new learning experiences and children learn at their own pace.
  • What happens if a teacher is absent?
    We try our best to not reschedule classes. We understand that everyone needs a day off once in a while. We have in-house substitute teachers who support the core team in case they are unable to make it to any class.
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