Alternate Personalized Learning

The innovative online learning community where 7-13 year olds can choose what to learn and which skills they'll need to thrive in the 21st Century.

Here students design their own curriculum by choosing from multiple live learning experiences.

Children are innately curious and sociable. They love to talk, question and engage with each other as they make sense of the world. They are born to learn and like to be in control of their learning. All children learn at a different pace.


These are the theoretical foundations that underpin the design of Edopia Online. Designed in consultation with professors from Harvard Graduate School of Education, this forward looking framework allows children to experience autonomy, belonging and meaning as they work collaboratively on real life-like projects with others, while working on their specific literacy and numeracy skills at their own pace using adaptive technologies. The nanodegrees enable children to pursue their unique interests.


We are no longer living in times when all children in a class of 30 have to open to the same page on the same textbook to learn. Today every child can have a unique learning journey.


Join the alternate approach to learning with Edopia Online.

Our 2 Core Courses are offered as a blend of Project Based and Self Paced Learning.

The first half of each session is dedicated to collaborative transdisciplinary projects, integrated with literacy or numeracy. In the second half, students engage with customized learning plans using adaptive technologies under the supervision of our expert educators.


Each course meets 2 days a week
New nanodegrees are launched every month


Some of our nanodegrees are given below

Application Deadline: November 16th 2021

Payment Deadline: November 22nd 2021

Classes start: December 1st 2021

Choose Your Plan

Core Courses

PKR 7800/month/subject
(Literacy and Numeracy)

1:12 teacher student ratio

4 days a week

50-minute sessions


PKR 5000/month/course

1:12 teacher student ratio

2 days a week

50-minute sessions


PKR 20600/month
(Literacy + Numeracy + Electives)



2 nanodegrees of your choice

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Join hundreds of other families interested in self-directed learning, and get access live learning experiences for your children! We are accepting new Edopia Online students every week, so your children don't have to wait until the next school year to start their personalized learning journeys.