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The online membership  club for children and teens who want to:

explore a diverse range of topics
learn at their own pace
learn conveniently from home
connect with peers and educators to exchange ideas


How does it work?

  • Join the club.

  • Hop into any/all learning rooms across the month.

  • Repeat each month. 

  • Pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Village Square Learning Tracks

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PKR 5000/month


PKR 4000/month

(one time payment of PKR 24,000)


PKR 3500/month
(one time payment of PKR 42,000)


select your membership level to join the club

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What's included in your membership

Access to all course offerings 
Access to all exclusive webinars
Access to Halaqah

Popular Learning Rooms in the Past

Junior Reporters
Social Emotional Club
Writers Workshop
Space Camp
Film & Literature Bootcamp
Real-life Math: Travel Edition
Who was Edgar Allen Poe?
Nature Journaling
Teach with Picture Books (parent webinar)
Loop Schedules (parent webinar)

and more...


Membership Details:

1. Membership is per student. In case you want to enroll more than one child, you will be required to pay individually for each student. 

Course Payment Policies:

1. All payments are made through credit cards. An exception for bank transfer will be available for participants who opt for a 6 month or annual membership plan.

2. Payment cycles are recorded from the day that you sign up with us. 

  • Payments are made in advance.

  • For monthly subscribers: Your billing date will be from the day that you pay the student’s fee to the next 30 days. For example, if you enroll on the 21st of May, your next billing date will be on the 21st of June. 

  • If you subscribe in the middle of the month, your payment cycle will last for the next 30 days, 6 months or year, depending on your membership choice.

  • If you would like to cancel your subscription, please send us a notice at least 2 weeks in advance so that we may process your request.

  • In case of failure to clear payments, participants will be automatically removed from the program. 


Class and Attendance Policies:

1. In the event that an instructor is unable to offer a class, a makeup class will be arranged.

2. Participants who are unable to attend a class will not be offered a rescheduled class. 

3. No class recordings will be provided to parents.

4. Sessions will be locked 15 minutes after the class starts. Students cannot join in the middle of the session as it disrupts class flow.  

5. Federal Holidays: If a class falls on a holiday, Edopia Online will not offer a make-up class. 


Refund Policy:

1. Refunds are not applicable. You may pause your subscription or choose not to renew it after it ends. 

Course Access and Materials:

1. Once the payment has been made, participants will be assigned a unique roll number. They will also receive zoom login details for each class.

2. Participants will be added to the Business WhatsApp list to receive broadcasts.

3. All classes will be recorded.


Participant Expectations:

1. Participants are required to attend classes with their cameras on. Continuous switched off cameras by the participant may result in removal from the session.

2. When logging in, participants should change their zoom name to their unique roll number followed by their given name. 

3. Opt to sit in a relatively quiet and disturbance free zone. This allows for better concentration and creates less distractions for other learners.

4. There is a zero tolerance policy for misconduct with educators or fellow learners. Actions that may be categorized as misconduct include:

  • Use of offensive language

  • Multiple disruptions in class by a student which are hindering class flow

  • Showing disrespect for educator or fellow learner’s beliefs and opinions

5. Participants must be courteous at all times. 

6. In case of misconduct, the educator can immediately remove the participant from class. ​

For further inquiries, please contact

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