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A self-directed learning space

We help your child build a powerful personal profile.

A profile that will:
o Showcase their interests and strengths across the years. 
o Prepare them for college applications and future careers. 
o Help them become lifelong learners who approach all problems with a plan.

At the Portfolio Project, we offer one-on-one coaching to help children ages 9-16 navigate through one unique personal project every month.


With the help of our trained coaches, your child will set SMART goals that are personally meaningful for them, break them down into manageable bitesize chunks, and build on their progress. They'll receive guidance and support along the way, helping them stay on track and achieve their goals. The children will document their learning digitally and hold regular exhibitions to share it with the rest of the community.

Our self-directed learning center works as a co-working space for children. We provide a collaborative environment where children can work together, share their ideas, and learn from one another. 

Going LIVE this June

Our learning design is based on the Motivation Theory.  
Children learn best when ABC+M are met.




When they have control over their goals. 



When they feel competent to achieve their goals. 



When they feel a connection with their educator and peers. 



When the goal of the learning is personally meaningful for them. 

Some examples of projects that children have worked on in the past are given below:

I want to learn about Greek Mythology. 
I want to create a website for the Sports Committee at my school. 
I want to learn to create a business plan. 
I want to train myself for speed reading. 
I want to learn about electrical wiring in a house. 
I want to set up my YouTube channel. 
I want to create a first-person shooter game. 
I want to understand how social media marketing works. 
I want to understand the global economic systems. 
I want to design a microfinance scheme. 
I want to learn about Urban planning. 
I want to learn about ancient civilizations. 
I want to learn digital pop art.

Who can benefit?

-Parents who homeschool their children are looking for well-designed social spaces that respect their needs. 

-Parents weary of standardized learning at traditional schools seeking something that plays into their child's strengths.

Interested in joining us at the Portfolio Project? Here's how you can get started:

  1. Fill out our signup form to express your interest and tell us more about your child and their interests.

  2. We'll schedule an admission appointment to assess your child's feasibility and compatibility with our program and to provide more clarity on our self-directed learning module.

  3. If your child is a good fit for our program, they'll undergo a two-week trial period before we confirm their placement.

  4. Our program runs three days a week for three hours daily and is available for children ages 9-16. We offer two sessions, 11 am to 2 pm Fri-Sun, and 3 pm to 6 pm Mon-Wed at our Edopia I-8 studios. Our early bird charges are PKR 15000/month.

  5. Once your child is accepted, they'll work on one self-directed inquiry monthly and receive one-on-one coaching to help them achieve their goals.

  6. Ready to join us? Fill out the form given below.

We're dedicated to providing a unique and effective learning environment that helps children unlock their full potential and pursue their passions. Contact us today at 0349-0536383 to learn more and take the first step towards supporting your child's growth and development at the Portfolio Project.

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