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Imagine you are flowing with a fast-moving river... It is cold, overwhelming, and unforgiving.
Now imagine you find a tree to hold onto in the middle of the river that is firm and unmoved by the currents. Would you appreciate the safety, reliability, and strength it provides?

Emaan, for us, is that tree in the fast-flowing currents of modern life. It is timeless, holistic, and true.

It gives us an all-encompassing worldview.

Our religion allows us to appreciate the universe within and the one outside.

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Muslim parents face challenges like never before, and Muslim children ask questions that often remain unanswered or worse, unacknowledged. An overpowering root of the problem is the lack of access to high-quality content and excellent facilitators. 
When we know and understand what our Creator wants us to be, we have a strong sense of self, a clear identity and unwavering confidence to face the world.
With Halaqah, we offer a space to Muslim children to reclaim Islam and make it their own.


At our Halaqahs we want to help children:

o Know Allah swt better
o Become knowledgeable about the message of the Quran
o Make connections between religion and day-to-day life
o Develop a worldview that is informed by their religion
o Develop confident identities as Muslim children
o Improve their capacity to engage in critical conversations about religion with others 

Honoring curiosity

We believe the critical conversations around the message of Allah SWT need to begin from an early age. Children have questions and an innate curiosity about belief. And when their questions are answered, it helps them make sense of the world around them. We honour their inquiry through discussions in our Halaqahs.

Stories worth knowing

Storytelling provides children with a window to new worlds. Quran is filled with stories and tales from the past. Allah SWT Himself chose specific details and incidents to teach us to survive in this world and thrive in the next. Quran is a book for all ages.


Two-way exchange

Our sessions provide a live exchange of information, thoughts and ideas. Because of all the learning experiences, one goes through in their life, meaningful discussions stand out as memorable and, at times, life-changing experiences. It is essential for children to engage in discourse around deen as they navigate their personal journeys.

Weekly discussion circles

Trained professionals as facilitators

Centrally designed discussion plans informed by authentic sources

Learning goals made visible for parents

Rolling monthly enrollment

An option to pay what you can afford


Every month we will introduce a new theme for our thematic discussion. From gratitude to charity to lifestyle to humility to the stories from the Quran, we hope to cover it all.


You can partake in our Halaqahs by paying a fee of $35/month. However, if you cannot afford this amount, you can submit a request to pay a different amount. We will try our best to accommodate your request. This is our not for profit project. All revenue is reinvested in the maintenance and expansion of the project or used for sadqa-e-jaria charitable causes.


Some of our favourite resources: 


• Yaqeen Institute 


• Miftaah Institute


• Bayyinah 


• Al-Maghrib Institute 


• Jannah Institute



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