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PKR 6000/ $35


4 Weeks


About the Course

Muslim parents face challenges like never before, and Muslim children ask questions that often remain unanswered or worse, unacknowledged. An overpowering root of the problem is the lack of access to high-quality content and excellent facilitators. When we know and understand what our Creator wants us to be, we have a strong sense of self, a clear identity and unwavering confidence to face the world. With Halaqah, we offer a space to Muslim children to reclaim Islam and make it their own.


At our Halaqahs we want to help children:

o Know Allah swt better o Become knowledgeable about the message of the Quran o Make connections between religion and day-to-day life o Develop a worldview that is informed by their religion o Develop confident identities as Muslim children o Improve their capacity to engage in critical conversations about religion with others

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Your Instructor

Brad Grecco

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Brad Grecco
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