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Ibrahim (stacking blocks on top of each other): We can make it taller, it's a building that's so tall!
Azlaan (points to the gaps between the blocks): These are the glass windows for the building 
Rehma: It's like a tower!
(Rehma proceeds to put her water bottle in the highest 'shelf' she can reach)
Mahnoor (joins in with her wate  bottle) Me too!
Ibrahim: These are the shelves! It's a cupboard now!

A tower that reaches the sky! Children love challenging themselves and reaching new heights, in this case quite literally. The outdoor blocks were stacked on top of each other to the maximum height that the children could reach without help. Once they were done building a tower that reaches the sky, the children did not put a stop to their expedition. Now, they saw the potential to store things in the spaces between the blocks. After some discussion, they tried storing various objects in the 'shelves'. Once again, they tried reaching for the highest shelves.

It's amazing to see children never limiting themselves to a set goal-they go above and beyond what they set out to do! This engagement was also once again a reminder of how children collaborate with each other and find new avenues to discover. 

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